Tuesday 19 March 2013

A successful day for BSBI at Treborth. 

Welsh Officer Paul Green has sent us a picture of the BSBI stand at Treborth Botanic Garden last Sunday, and an initial report that his ID sessions "went really well - the kids loved looking at the duckweeds, and one chap went home and got some duckweed from his pond for me to name!" Event Organiser James Balfour kindly gave Paul a Pinguicula to display. Paul told me, "the kids loved the idea of a plant eating an insect - maybe we should always have Pinguicula or Drosera on display?"
BSBI stand at Treborth.
Photo: Paul Green

Close examination of the tiny red female flowers on hazel also went down well, and there was a lot of interest from visitors in how to go about recording in their vice-counties, although Paul was surprised that some of those enquiries came from people who are already BSBI members. Maybe they haven't realised how much helpful information there is for them on the website, on our Recording page, or here under Resources. The new Recording Strategy explains what recorders do and why it is so important. Absolute beginners to recording are best off contacting their vice-county recorder or local botany group (if they have one) - see previous posts about this. 

James has promised us some more photos of Paul in action, so I'll post some of these when they arrive. In the meantime: congratulations to James and all at Treborth for putting together such a successful Wild Science Day, and thanks to Paul for representing BSBI and introducing young people to the delights of 21st century botany. And thanks to Lucy at NHM for providing the excellent duckweed ID sheets.

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