Friday 30 August 2013

How does a botanist "get to work" (part one)?

The first in an occasional series.

The photograph on the right shows the 'transport of delight' that conveyed Lynne Farrell over the final few metres so she could reach her final tetrad on an islet off the coast of Mull.

And below, you can see the helicopter that Mick Crawley uses to get to St Kilda, where he botanises regularly. 

I did ask Mick for a shot of himself being dropped out of a helicopter, like Milk Tray Man (for under-40s, Milk Tray Man was the bloke in an old TV advert for chocolates). 

But Mick just smiled mysteriously, so we may never get to see the BSBI's answer to James Bond in action. Shame.

If you have a stereotype-shattering way of getting to your botanical work, please send me an image and I can share it. 

Canoes, horse and cart, light aircraft etc. all welcome. But no tanks, please - "Wild Things" covered that perfectly well on TV last year!

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