Thursday 10 October 2013

BSBI Welsh Officer is back!

This week, BSBI welcomes back its Welsh Officer, Polly Spencer-Vellacott, from maternity leave. She has already posted on her Blog where there are some photos of Polly along with the reason for her absence (the adorable Jay). 

Here's a photo of Polly at the recent Recorders Conference with Scottish Officer Jim McIntosh and Head of Ops Jane Houldsworth. Polly is also in the foreground in this picture of BSBI members at Cookham, on one of the field meetings following the AGM last year.

BSBI members at Cookham

The best  news is that we have Polly back but we keep Paul Green, who has been acting Welsh Officer during Polly's maternity leave.

Paul has done some great work - a successful Polypodium workshop last spring, and he manned the stand at Treborth's Big Science Day. 
Paul and Polly are going to share the Welsh Officer post - more details on Polly's Blog - so BSBI now has two Welsh Semi-Officers. Best of both worlds!  
Paul at the Polypodium workshop
Photo: C. Gait
Hoping to catch up with Polly and Paul at the AEM in November, but better get my skates on - I hear from Uta, who is co-ordinating bookings for the AEM, that they are flooding in and the list for herbarium tours is filling up.

Have you sent in your booking yet? 

BTW I can't remember who took the photo of us at Cookham - if you know, please get in touch so I can insert a photographer credit.

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