Friday 2 May 2014

Hawthorn ID video from Lliam

Crataegus monogyna
Image: L. Rooney
Lliam Rooney has just completed another ID video. This one is for native Hawthorns Crataegus spp. and you can view it here on YouTube or by clicking on the link above. 

There are now eight of Lliam's videos that you can use to help you with identifications; they can all be accessed by clicking on the links at the head of this page.

Not sure what Lliam will turn his attention to next. Now that the botanical season is well underway, he will probably want to be out in the field with the Kent Botanical Recording Group. They have a lot of recording to do this year towards Atlas 2020 and they are also updating their Rare Plant Register for the county. And there is work on the Pocock Herbarium for rainy days! 

Kent is a great example of an established local botany group, and their BSBI webpage, their Facebook page and annual publication Kent Botany are well worth a look, wherever you live!  

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