Saturday 21 June 2014

More from Roudsea Wood

Mike (on left) shows people C. xboenninghausiana
Image: M. Dean
Mary Dean has been in touch to tell us a bit more about Mike Porter's recent workshop/field meeting focusing on More Cumbrian Sedges at Roudsea Wood and  Mosses NNR.

I'm always amazed at how much Mike gets done - he is also writing the Viola Handbook and editing Plant Records for New Journal of Botany.

Mary says "As usual, Mike Porter's Sedge meeting was fully booked. The meeting visited the wonderful Roudsea Wood and Mosses NNR

Botanists brave the rain to learn Sedges with Mike!
Image: M. Dean
"We managed to find the one rainy day sandwiched between two sunny ones, but, as expected from a group of keen botanists, the rain didn't dampen our enthusiasm.

"We saw 25 different Carex taxa, an incredible range on one site. 

Rarities included Carex flava (Large Yellow-sedge) and its hybrid with C. demissa, C. digitata (Fingered Sedge) and the hybrid C. remota × paniculata (C. ×boenninghausiana). 

"We did look at some of the other rarities such as Sorbus lancastriensis (Lancashire Whitebeam)".

Thanks Mary! And a reminder that most BSBI field meetings and workshops do get booked up really quickly, but it's always worth checking with the organiser and asking if your name can be added to the waiting list, in case anybody drops out.

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