Friday 4 July 2014

Botanist Dr Heather McHaffie receives her MBE

Dr Heather McHaffie with her MBE
Image: by kind permission of
Dr McHaffie
Claudia Ferguson-Smyth has very kindly forwarded this photograph of "Heather McHaffie receiving a well-deserved MBE at Holyrood Palace yesterday". 

Click here to read Dr Pete Hollingsworth, Head of Science at RBGE, talking about Heather's work and just why that MBE is so well-deserved.

And click on some of these links to find out more about Heather teaching ID of plant families; about the Target 8 Project; read one of her most recent posts on the RBGE's 'Botanics Stories' webpage; or click here to find out more about the Montane Willow Restoration Projects.

Need we mention that Heather, who has worked so tirelessly on botanical conservation projects in Scotland, is also a BSBI member? Of course she is! So: many congratulations to BSBI member Dr Heather McHaffie MBE on her well-deserved honour.

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