Friday 19 September 2014

A botanical perspective on the Scottish referendum

Harebell/Scottish Bluebell
Image: C. Ferguson-Smyth
One of the BSBI botanists attending the launch of the England Red List on Wednesday was Ken Thompson. He's written an excellent piece here for the Telegraph which gives a whole new perspective on yesterday's Scottish referendum. Trust a botanist to look at the issues of the day with a fresh eye! 

One footnote I'd add to Ken's piece is an observation about Campanula rotundifolia, known commonly as Harebell in England and Scottish Bluebell in Scotland. It is one of the plants that many English botanists have long thought of as fairly common [in a nice way!] and widespread, even in the lowlands, but which the England Red List analysis reveals as Near Threatened.  

Sorry to give you bad news about a much-loved wild flower, but maybe the ERL will act as the wake-up call many feel is needed for greater efforts to conserve all our wild plants across this (still) United Kingdom.  

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