Wednesday 26 November 2014

National Plant Monitoring Scheme: Oli's talk at the AEM.

Oli (on right) chats to Pete Stroh (BSBI's
Scientific Officer) over lunch at AEM 2014. 
The first of the presentations from Saturday's BSBI Annual Exhibition Meeting has just been uploaded to our website here and it is Oli Pescott introducing the new National Plant Monitoring Scheme

We hope that lots of botanists, at all skill levels, will register here to take part in this exciting new project which will be launched in March 2015.

It's a joint project between BSBI, the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, JNCC and Plantlife, but you don't have to be a member of either BSBI or Plantlife in order to take part. 

There will be (free) training sessions to help people improve their ID skills, especially with more difficult groups of plants. This interview with Oli should give you a bit more background on the National Plant Monitoring Scheme, and you can also check out this NPMS page on Plantlife's website

Oli (hatless here!) in the field with Paul Smith, Chair of
Records & Research Committee.
Outer Hebrides, August 2014.
Oli wears several hats - as do many of us in BSBI! He sits on BSBI's Records & Research Committee and is a keen local recorder, both on his home patch(es) and further afield

He also exhibited this poster at the AEM, titled 'A systematic pavement flora of Sheffield'. 

And you can read Oli's blog here.

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