Friday 4 September 2015

Request from BSBI's Sedge Referee

Tall Bog-sedge Carex magellanica
Image: M. Porter
This request just in from Mike Porter who is (amongst many other things!) BSBI's Sedge Referee. It applies to any BSBI member who uses our excellent referee service, whereby members can contact a named expert on a particular genus or plant group, send through a specimen and receive identification advice and a determination. 

"It would be useful if you could mention, for the benefit of people sending specimens for determination, that a single first-class stamp is not sufficient postage for thick envelopes (i.e. envelopes with sedges in them!). 

"Several times in the last few weeks I've had to drive to the local sorting office and pay the extra 11p plus a handling charge of £1 to collect specimens sent to me.  I don't know if the Post Office has changed the dimensions lately but I don't think so - maybe they are just applying the rules more stringently.

Sand sedge Carex arenaria growing
in lines on the beach.
Image: M. Porter
 "Also, once or twice over the past few months my emailed reply about the identity of a sedge appears not to have reached its destination.  My apologies to anyone who appears not to have received a reply. 

"If anybody does not receive a reply within a fortnight of sending a sedge for determination could they please email me a reminder? I aim to reply within a fortnight but if my reply has not got through I won't know. 

"Similarly, if people do receive an email with a determination, could they briefly acknowledge it? Most people do but some don't and then I don't know whether they've received it or not!"

Carex sylvatica Wood sedge
Image: M. Porter
Full contact details for Mike and more than 100 fellow referees are included in the BSBI Yearbook, which is updated annually. It is mailed to you every year when you renew your membership subscription and also sent out in our packs for new members. 

BSBI referees are all unpaid and doing this essential job simply to share their expertise and help fellow botanists. 

All together now: three cheers for our amazing BSBI Referees! 

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