Thursday 19 November 2015

BSBI members in the news!

An attentive audience for talks at last year's AEM
Image: L. Marsh
We have a great selection of speakers lined up for the BSBI Exhibition Meeting on 28th November and one of them was on local radio this morning! 

George Garnett was talking to BBC Radio Guernsey about his experience of botanising on the island. He'll be telling us more at the Exhibition Meeting, sharing a slot with BSBI President Ian Denholm who will be talking about orchids on Jersey

We plan to upload their presentations - and those of our other speakers - to the BSBI website early in December.

Ryan Clark in the field.
Image courtesy of R. Clark
For now, you can listen to George here (starts 2 hours 25 minutes in). The interviewer makes much of George's youth and the fact that he will be the youngest ever speaker at a BSBI Exhibition Meeting.

This is true and we are delighted to offer our younger botanists a platform but George was invited to speak because he is an excellent botanist working at the southern limits of BSBI's range and we'd like to hear more about the plants he records on the island! 

Ryan Clark will also be talking at the Exhibition Meeting about the New Year Plant Hunt, which was mentioned in this morning's Guardian. 

Frozen nosegay picked during
New Year Plant Hunt 2015
Image: J.R. Clough
Check out this Country Diary column by BSBI member and journalist Phil Gates, who talks about late-blooming plants and name-checks not only BSBI but also the Wild Flower Society who will also be exhibiting at the Exhibition Meeting. 

Ryan will also be announcing details at the Exhibition Meeting of the 2016 New Year Plant Hunt and how you can get involved. It's a busy month for Ryan - he's giving a presentation today about biological recording at the NBN conference in York. 

If you would like to hear Ryan, George and seven other speakers, including our keynote talk from Prof Mick Crawley, but you haven't yet booked for the Exhibition Meeting, don't panic! You can still book here but the herbarium tours are all full up now, so you will have to settle for eight amazing talks and a record number of exhibits!

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