Thursday 11 February 2016

Is the next Japanese Knotweed already in your garden? Part Two

Are your garden plants staying put or trying
 to  get over the border? Tell Katharina!
Image: K. Dehnen-Schmutz 
Great to hear an update from Katharina about her survey to identify which of today's ornamental plants are most likely to become tomorrow's invasive aliens

"My survey of ornamental plants spreading in gardens has been quite successful with 40 respondents reporting 147 plants, comprising around 117 different species - I'm still checking synonyms etc. I have also been lucky enough to receive funding from Coventry University to develop this further by having someone to support the database work as well as developing a project proposal for a larger scale project – including the BSBI of course! 

Green Alkanet Pentaglottis sempervirens:
this garden plant escapes and can become a real thug!
Image courtesy of Floral Images
"Since the data so far look quite promising, ideally I would like to have a few more responses to help make a more credible dataset for publication and for any future funding application. 

"I was wondering if BSBI botanists who can identify ornamental plants with confidence would like to contribute to the survey? I am planning to run it until the end of February and - in case I get overwhelmed by responses - I now have some support, so should be able to manage!"

So, if you can help Katharina, please check out the survey page and get in touch with her. Maybe you are a New Year Plant Hunter just itching for a new challenge for February? And if you are one of the 40 respondents - thank you very much for your contribution, which has helped Katharina's project get this far!  

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