Tuesday 31 May 2016

Mooney Goes Wild over BSBI Rough Crew and Dublin Bay Biosphere

It's here at last, the podcast we've all been waiting for

Last month, 'Mooney Goes Wild', Ireland's top national radio wildlife programme, visited Dublin Bay Biosphere where they recorded an interview with Dr Maria Long, BSBI Irish Officer, and Dr Jenni Roche of Dublin Bay Biosphere. Also in attendance were members of the Dublin area local botany group and members of Ireland's famous 'Rough Crew'. 

The interview was broadcast on Sunday and you can now download the podcast from this page. The section starts at 00.36.35 and Maria comes on at 00.39.35.

Maria really communicates what BSBI does and why, how we map changes in plant distributions, the role of BSBI's volunteer recorders, the interaction between plant genetics and field ID, and most importantly, how much fun botany is!  

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