Monday 14 November 2016

Next generation botanists at the BSBI AEM: Part One

OBBS stand at Freshers' Fair
Image courtesy of Annals of Botany blog
We are delighted that members of the newly-formed Oxford Brookes Botanical Society have accepted our invitation to exhibit at this year's BSBI Exhibition Meeting, to be held on 26th November at CEH Wallingford.

I first heard about this newly-formed society on the Annals of Botany blog in a blogpost with the eye-catching headline 'What does it take to run a botanical society?' 

Lecturer Anne Osterreider & Shamma (OBBS)
Image courtesy of Annals of Botany blog
Oxford Brookes Botanical Society has only been around a short while compared to BSBI, founded in 1836, but they have already held successful botanical pub quizzes and members enjoyed a visit to RBG Kew (with a behind-the-scenes tour of the herbarium). They are also active on Facebook and on Twitter, and are doing a great job inspiring and encouraging other plant science students to set up their own botanical societies. 

So it will be great to meet the OBBS team in person at the Exhibition Meeting in just eleven days time. Are you joining us there? If you haven't booked yet, here's the link

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