Saturday 25 February 2017

New BSBI Handbook for Violas: have you ordered your copy yet?

Sweet Violet
Image: Mike Porter
The latest addition to the BSBI Handbooks series is due out in March 2017 but BSBI members can now order Violas of Britain & Ireland (BSBI Handbook No. 17) at a special pre-publication price of £10 per copy (plus £2 postage & packing for Britain & Ireland). 

After 31st March, the book will be available at the full price of £15 so the pre-publication offer represents a saving of one third off!

The authors, Mike Porter and Mike Foley, will be well-known to BSBI members - they have both given many years of service to BSBI, as expert plant referees, on our Publications Committee, and (in Mike Porter's case) as our Plant Records Editor, responsible for the lists of new plant records which appear in New Journal of Botany.  

Heath Dog-violet
Image: Mike Porter
The Handbook deals with 15 species and 11 hybrids of Viola (violets and pansies) and for each one there are species descriptions, illustrated keys, distribution maps, colour photographs, detailed line drawings showing diagnostic characters, notes on habitat requirements and conservation, first records in Britain & Ireland, related facts... if you are a fan of violets and/or pansies, you are going to want this book!

If you are a BSBI member, just head over to the members-only area to order your copy now, and in a few weeks you will have the pleasure of opening up BSBI's latest Handbook and knowing that identifying violets and pansies is about to get a whole lot easier!

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