Tuesday 28 March 2017

Welsh "'Domesday Book" of plants: part two

BSBI Head of Science Kevin Walker
talks about Rare Plant Registers
Image: P. Spencer-Vellacott 
Postscript to yesterday's report about the event in Aberystwyth to mark Wales becoming the first country in the world to publish a Rare Plant Register for every county. 

BSBI Welsh Officer Polly Spencer-Vellacott appeared on BBC Radio Wales yesterday evening to talk about Rare Plant Registers. You can catch the interview here (starts at 1hr 54 minutes in).

You can also read Polly's write-up of the day's proceedings here on her blog.

Don't forget that you can download many of the Rare Plant Registers, either from the relevant county webpage or from this page, which also has details of the Registers which are only available as books to purchase.

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