Thursday 19 April 2018

Bookings open for ID workshops

Chara virgata fruit
Image courtesy of Chris Carter 
Bookings have just opened for some fabulous ID workshops running in Ireland and Scotland next month:

For the more advanced botanist, BSBI Irish Officer Maria Long has organised two 2-day charophyte ID workshops to be held in Co. Westmeath. 

Charophytes are often overlooked - they are small and have a reputation for being difficult - but these ID workshops offer a chance to learn with two of BSBI's acknowledged experts, Nick Stewart and Cilian Roden.

Head over to the new Charophyte page on the BSBI website to find out more and to book.

And for the beginner botanist, BSBI Scottish Officer Jim McIntosh and tutor Dr Faith Anstey are hosting two of their extremely popular workshops on 'Identifying Plant Families' - one in Aberdeen and one in Dumfries. 

Head over to the BSBI Scotland page to find out more and to book. Or check out the poster on the left (click on the image to enlarge it).

Do hurry if you are interested in any of these workshops - they are likely to fill up very quickly. 

Check out the BSBI Training page for more suggestions of short courses to improve your botanical skills. 

And keep an eye on the BSBI News page to keep up with all the latest news (and to get the heads-up on forthcoming courses, conferences and special offers!)

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