Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Oxfordshire Flora Group: conference

David Morris, County Recorder for Oxfordshire, has been in touch to tell us about a forthcoming conference in his neck of the woods. 

Over to David:

"On Saturday 9th March the Oxfordshire Flora Group (OFG) are hosting a day conference at CEH Wallingford. The conference, which the group puts on every couple of years, is a social occasion for local botanists to come together to discuss local botanical issues. This year we’ll be hearing talks on and discussing ‘The Dynamics of the Oxfordshire Flora’.

"The conference follows on from the publication last year of the county’s Rare Plant Register, called Oxfordshire’s Threatened Plants. Authored by OFG members Susan Erskine, John Killick (former recorder for VC23) and Camilla Lambrick and Thames Valley Environmental Records Centre data officer Ellen Lee, the book illustrates the ups and downs (mostly downs) of our flora. 

Marsh mallow: nationally 
scarce but recorded 
in 2018 in Oxfordshire
Image: D. Morris
"Camilla and Susan will be giving a talk about some of the dynamics illustrated by their book and which they have seen first hand over many years studying our local flora. 

"We are also fortunate to have Andy Byfield and Keith Kirby to share their extensive experience of studying and conserving plants in our area.

"I will also be giving a talk, which once I’ve found the time to write it will have the title ‘A future for the flora of Oxfordshire?’ As the hard work of the OFG has shown, the future of our plants is bound up with botanists, but are they as threatened as some of our local rarities? Given the long history of botanical recording in Oxfordshire, I will therefore be asking, are we doing enough to keep the tradition alive? How could I also resist but to allude to life after Atlas 2020.

"So, much to look forward to. If you think so too, then the OFG would be delighted if you could join us. 

"Here's the conference flyer with details of how to book".

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