Friday 5 April 2019

Bluebells: how to identify the hybrid

Native "English" bluebell
Image: I. Denholm
It's spring, bluebells are starting to bloom and the perennial question arises: is my bluebell a native "English" bluebell, a Spanish bluebell or a hybrid?

Rather than re-invent the wheel I thought I'd link to information that BSBI and other organisations have already shared about bluebells:

This BSBI blogpost from 2016 includes links to what we and our friends at the Woodland Trust and Plantlife have said about bluebells. 

The new BSBI video page has links to bluebell ID videos by the Natural History Museum and the Irish Wildlife Trust.

Our Plant Crib page has a crib about bluebells.

There's also a very helpful image of a hybrid bluebell below from ecologist James Faulconbridge aka Grantham Ecologist. So, lots of help at hand if you want to identify that bluebell next time you go to the woods!

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