Wednesday 8 May 2019

Send us your pearlworts!

Sea pearlwort growing inland -
between brick paving
Image: M. Wilcox
In March we told you that Mike Wilcox wanted your ivy-leaved speedwells! He still does and it's not too late to send him specimens - many thanks to those who have already done so.

But now Mike wants your pearlworts. He told me "Sea pearlwort Sagina maritima  may be more frequent inland as a halophyte (a salt-tolerant plant). Road verges and or waste ground near roads etc. should be searched. Any plants rooting at the nodes will be the much more common procumbent pearlwort S. procumbens. However, in small rosette-like plants where they are not rooting at the nodes they could be either (some may be more upright). 

"As part of a study looking into useful characters for these two in difficult situations, please collect fresh voucher specimens and send to the address below – photos of the plant and close-ups of fruiting heads would be useful: 
Michael Wilcox: 43 Roundwood Glen, Greengates, Bradford, BD10 0HW. 
For S. maritima, any specimens from the usual (coastal) habitats would also be welcome".

Sea pearlwort has recently been found on two road-verges in Leicestershire - about as far from the coast as you can get! - so it could turn up anywhere: keep your eyes peeled and send those specimens to Mike.

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