Tuesday 12 November 2013

Another excellent botany Blog by a BSBI member.

Water Bent Polypogon viridis
Image: O. Pescott 
Jonathan Mitchley has been in touch from the University of Reading, where he teaches botany to all who want to learn, from beginners to MSc students, like BSBI member, Blogger and herbarium volunteer Waheed Arshad

Jonathan asked if he could reproduce Philip Oswald's lovely photo (below) of Peter Sell and Gina Murrell, in the Herbarium at Cambridge last summer, to illustrate a short tribute to Peter following last Thursday's funeral. 

I'm hoping to find out more about Jonathan's courses at the AEM on 23rd November. He will also be offering us an exhibit called "Dr M's eXtreme botany manifesto". Jonathan's Blog suggests he's also a big fan of herbaria so I'll be finding out what goes on in the Herbarium at Reading. Any spilt beans will be served up here asap!

Gina Murrell and Peter Sell
Image: P. Oswald
Jonathan has just joined BSBI so I can add his Blog to the list on the right. He also has some great botany videos on his website - I've just been looking at his grass ID video, wish I'd been in that class when I was first struggling with grasses, he makes it seem easy and fun! Next free evening, suspect I'll be browsing Jonathan's Blog and website until way past bedtime..

Thinking a lot about grasses because I am a little odd that way but also because I see that Oli Pescott is having an exhibit at the AEM on occurrence of Polypogon viridis in the Sheffield area. Hence the photo and a follow-up post on Oli's discoveries as soon as I have a moment. We've also recorded this distinctive grass in Leicester - have you spotted it too, in a pavement crack or the edge of a patch of wasteground? Let us know at the AEM or email me!

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