Wednesday 6 November 2013

John Poland at the AEM!

Me and John Poland in Anglesey this summer.
We promise to look up and talk to you at the AEM!
Image: A. Wheatcroft
Just heard from John Poland, co-author with Eric Clement of the celebrated and much-loved Vegetative key to the British flora, that he will be at the AEM in London on 23rd November

He's not coming simply to enjoy the range of talks, posters, exhibits, bookstalls etc., but will be offering us a Vegetative ID Quiz: two tables full of mystery plants for us to try and ID without flowers or fruits. 

Some will be fairly easy and some will be fiendishly hard. All will be great fun!

John Poland chairing Pubs; Secretary Chris Boon on left
Image: L. Marsh
Here's a photo (on left) of John chairing last month's meeting of the Publications Committee - click to enlarge it, and then you won't have any problem IDing John at the AEM. 

And remember that you can just drop in to the AEM, you don't have to book, although it does help us if we know that you are coming. 

So, please RSVP to this invitation and come to our botanists' annual get-together aka the AEM!  

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