Thursday 20 February 2014

Andy's Botanical Finds: part one

Andy Amphlett, VC Recorder for Banffshire, is certainly quick off the mark when gauntlets are thrown down. Within a few hours of my post about Brian Laney's botanical finds, Andy emailed: "Re-finds of taxa after many years, even 100 years, may be quite a frequent occurrence.  It’s something I seem to note in BSBI news now and then.  A recent-ish contribution of mine along these lines is:

"Amphlett, A. (2011).  A native population of Brachypodium pinnatum (Heath False-brome) in Banffshire (v.c.94), re-found after 144 years.  BSBI News 117, pp. 16 – 18". 

Andy also says "Of course a new vice-county record can be considered the first record in the post-glacial period, which rather beats the 100 year perspective". 

So this time let's throw down a pair of gauntlets -  have you re-found a taxon after 100 years or recorded a new taxon for your vice-county? Email me your record and we can share it here, and please can we also invent a one-word term for a taxon which is refound after a century, so I don't have to keep writing it out in full? A centenaritaxon perhaps?

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