Sunday 9 February 2014

Great Horsetail - another great ID video!

E. telmateia
Image: L. Rooney
I can hardly keep up with Lliam Rooney - no sooner do I post here and tweet about his excellent new Marsh Horsetail video, than I see that he's made another video, this time on how to ID the Great Horsetail Equisetum telmateia. See both videos here --->>

The maps at the end show distribution of Giant Horsetail in Kent. I suspect that Lliam has been using Quentin's helpful video, showing how to make a customised distribution map for any species in your vice-county. But if you want to see national distribution of Giant Horsetail - or any other plant recorded in Britain or Ireland - you need to go here for our tetrad maps, here for our hectad maps and here for the Big Database

And when you're ready for some advanced Equisetum ID, try the Plant Crib pages


  1. These are super, I'm a great fan of video for plant ID, keep them flowing, would be nice to hear your voice explaining things in some of them too! Dr M

  2. Many thanks Jonathan. I have my voice narrating my snowdrop videos but I'm really not a fan of my own voice! I may be getting a narrator to talk over future videos with a nice voice. Lliam Rooney


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