Thursday 14 August 2014

BSBI setting up for Birdfair 2014

Hot off the press: BSBI/BRC new poster
Record - Research - Respond
Image: L. Marsh
And so it begins... I've been preparing our stand at Birdfair all day with Michael Pocock of the Biological Records Centre/Centre for Ecology and Hydrology. 

As BSBI won last year's Best Stand award, the pressure was on us this year to produce something even more fabulous, so we thought - what could be nicer than to invite our friends and colleagues at BRC/CEH to share the stand with us this year? 

BRC is fresh from celebrating its 50th birthday this year, and the commemorative booklet they produced is full of references to how BSBI and BRC have worked together through the decades and the part we played in BRC's formation.

Michael adding some final touches to the  Birdfair stand
Image: L. Marsh
So, botanists and other biological recorders from both BSBI and BRC will be on our stand in the usual place from 9am tomorrow morning - Marquee 1, Stand 57. Actually, stand is a misnomer because we have four chairs. so we'll all be sitting around talking about plants, jumping up to show the planty exhibits to anyone who drops in, and encouraging everyone to take part in our Plant ID Quiz. 

More about the Quiz - and the prizes - tomorrow, when Michael and I will be joined by Chris Preston. That leaves an empty chair for you, so, if you are at Birdfair, do drop in for a chinwag and I'll post again here as soon as there's a lull tomorrow (and if the wi-fi works ok!). Or follow what's going on via Twitter here (me) and here (Michael). 

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