Saturday 16 August 2014

Day 2 at Birdfair

Trying the Plant ID Quiz at Birdfair
Image: L. Marsh
A very busy but successful Birdfair so far! 

The Plant ID Quiz has already attracted 21 entrants and the lucky winner will be drawn out of a hat (actually a large black bag) tomorrow by Dr Helen Roy of BRC/CEH. 

The most difficult thing for me was seeing people struggling to identify a plant and not being able to tell them what it was and why. At least, not until they had filled in the quiz sheet and handed it in.

Chris Preston & Mike Jeeves
Image: L. Marsh
It was great to see so many BSBI members dropping in to the stand, many from the VC55 local group.

Ian Denholm and Plant ID Quiz entrants
Image: L. Marsh
Neill Talbot and Chris Hill from LRWT came for a catch-up, as did Mike Jeeves, BSBI Recorder for VC55, the county in which Birdfair takes place. Mike had a chance to chat to Chris Preston, one of the co-authors of  the New Atlas of the British & Irish Flora.

Martin Godfrey from VC39, Ian Benallick from Cornwall, and recorders from East Anglia, Devon and Merseyside all came by to bring updates from their home patches.

BSBI President Ian Denholm was also on the stand today, guiding participants through the Plant ID Quiz and chatting to BSBI members and other exhibitors. So it was all quite busy! More to follow...

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