Sunday 11 January 2015

BSBI New Year Plant Hunt in the media III

Hogweed, VC59, 3/1/2015
Image: P. Gately
Another mention in the press for the BSBI New Year Plant Hunt, this time in the Independent on Sunday. Click here and scroll down to read what Jonathan Owen had to say. Nice note, although you may spot one tiny mistake which I will alert him to in the morning! 

We also get a mention in the Express here and this nice article will appear in the Times tomorrow morning.

And Tim will be interviewed again by BBC Radio Wales in the morning. 

I hope you also enjoy reading this blogpost by Ryan Clark, the Co-ordinator of this year's Plant Hunt. 

Catkin VC24 3/1/2015
Image: R. Clark
Ryan summarises his experience of the Plant Hunt and offers a glimpse into a few more of the things he'll be doing until next year's Plant Hunt rolls around! 

You can follow Ryan's blog during the coming year by going to the list on the right of blogs by BSBI members. There are around 45 at the moment and some have posted their experiences of the Plant Hunt, like this report from Oisin Duffy, who also recorded the first plant on this year's Hunt - a daisy which he photographed at 00.53 on 1st January.

With that scoop, Oisin may just qualify for one of our Plant Hunt prizes (kept that one quiet, didn't I?!), but you'll have to wait for more details until we've notified all our winners.   

Don't forget that the list of species you all recorded is available here for you to view or download. 

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