Monday 26 January 2015

Reading material for botanists

This flower graces the cover of
January's BSBI News.
Image courtesy of BSBI
There's so much interesting stuff for plant-lovers to read at the moment, whether or not they are BSBI members

Firstly, there's the January issue of BSBI News which has just been mailed out and should be with you on Wednesday. BSBI News is members-only but you can see back issues here

Secondly, non-members now have a chance to read 10 recent papers from New Journal of Botany, our members-only scientific journal. 

These 'Editor's Choices' are available by clicking here - no log-in or registration necessary. You can read BSBI Head of Science Kevin Walker on Pitcher-plant Sarracenia, Sebastian Sundberg on Swedish Hawkweeds, Sean Cole on the elusive Ghost Orchid, Richard Bateman et al. on the Military Orchid and the Bumblebee... 

Finally, we are still seeing a lot of media coverage of our New Year Plant Hunt. This piece was in the Guardian the other day and the second half of this article from the Daily Mail on Snowdrops is all about the Plant Hunt. 

We have also featured in two periodicals with a combined circulation of around 230,000: this lovely article by Charlotte Dear appeared in Country Living and was also tagged here, and the image (on left) shows Kate Green's article which appeared in the latest issue of Country Life (only available in print or by subscription).

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