Tuesday 26 April 2016

Help needed to sample Black Locust

Black Locust 1
Image: X. Boutellier
We've had a request for help from a French botanist. Over to Xavier Bouteiller to tell us more: 

"Hello, I'm starting a PhD at the University of Bordeaux. I’m studying biological invasion by the black locust Robinia pseudoacacia focusing on evolutionary biology and genetic of populations’ aspects. 

"One main question in my research is: what is patterns of genetic structure of populations both in native and in introduced range?

Black Locust 2
Image: X. Boutellier
"In order to study the genetic diversity of the black locust, I sampled several populations of black locust thoughout the European range, but unfortunately I won't be able to sample a population in Great Britain. 

"However, because first introduction of black locust in Europe occured approximately at the same time in France and England at the beginning of the XVII century, it would be very interesting if I could add one or two sampling plots in Great Britain.

Black Locust  3
Image: X. Boutellier
"Thus, I'm looking for someone that would agree to sample for me one or two populations of black locust. I'm looking for a population growing in "natural" or "semi-natural" condition. 

"I need to sample leaves of 20 individuals per population. A minimal distance of 40 m should be kept among trees in order to avoid sampling clones, and I need one leaf per individual. I attach a detailed protocol.

"I can send the sampling material (plastic boxes, silica gel, filter paper), moreover I can arrange the return transport using our UPS account if you wish.

"If you are interested you can contact me at : xavier.bouteiller@u-bordeaux.fr 
Best regards

Xavier Bouteiller"

BSBI botanists have been very helpful in the past - when Ollie wanted mildewed leaves or when Amanda wanted sycamore leaves afflicted with tarspot - so I hope that somebody will be able to help again this time. Please contact Xavier direct if that somebody is you.

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