Friday 29 April 2016

New BSBI News out now

The latest issue of BSBI News has been published and a print copy should be winging its way towards you very soon if you're a BSBI member

If not - or if you simply can't wait - here's a preview of what to expect in the latest issue:

David Pearman and John Edgington on Kerry Lily in Britain & Ireland. 

A note from Fred Rumsey on taxonomic changes to British cinquefoils. Is there no end to this man's talents? Fred was recently voted in as the new President of the British Pteridological Society and we'd like to congratulate him on this prestigious appointment. 

Two articles on Sea Lavender, one from Anglesey and one from Lancashire. 

Ian Bonner reports a sighting of Ophioglossum azoricum in Westerness.

A report on the New Year Plant Hunt with analysis (and some great tables!) by Kevin Walker. 

And lots lots more... Happy reading!

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