Monday 3 October 2016

BSBI News is out!

Fumaria reuteri
Image: A. Shaw
The latest issue of BSBI News is a little late going out, but the mass mail-out to all members has now started - your copy (if you are already a member) should be with you this week.

If you're not yet a BSBI member, this is the best month in which to join - subscribe this month for 2017 and your membership starts at once, but you don't pay for these final months of 2016. So you could get three extra months of membership absolutely free!

Then you'll be able to read:

A paper by BSBI Head of Science Kevin Walker called 'Keeping the wild in wildflower' - about wildflower seed mixes.

A paper by Nick Miller called 'Attracting young botanists' and one from teenager Harry Witts called 'The state of nature in teenage society' - BSBI is happy to give a platform to young naturalists with something to say.

Notes on 'A monstrous Scrophularia nodosa' in Dublin; a peloric Fumitory (featured on the front cover and above right); a putative Fragrant Orchid hybrid in the Yorkshire Dales; Tim Rich with a new record for Scotland of Spergularia bocconei; and a note on 'Military Orchid as an adventive weed'. 

And there's much much more in this and every issue of BSBI News, not to mention all the other perks of BSBI membership - New Journal of Botany, access to the BSBI's network of 100+ expert plant referees, pre-publication discount offers on BSBI publications, the chance to benefit from - and contribute to - our research, training and outreach programmes...  Once you're a BSBI member, you'll kick yourself for not joining years ago!

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