Friday 28 April 2017

BSBI News: latest issue is now out!

Gwynn Ellis, Editor of BSBI News, tells me that today he's mailing out copies of the April issue of the magazine to all our members, so you can expect to receive your copy in the next few days.

If you're not a BSBI member - I'm really sorry but you won't be able to see a copy for several years, until we post it in the BSBI Publications Archive which is open to everybody.

Which means you'll have to wait to read such delights as: a brand new ID key to native and alien species of Rose; a fascinating proposal from Michael Braithwaite about how we might record our attitudes to 'garden weeds'; reports of a Water-starwort that is new to England; a comparison of 30 years worth of surveys of Maidenhair fern in Glamorgan by Gareth Farr, County Recorder Julian Woodman,  et al.; common problems with the identification of Conyza spp.; the rediscovery of a particular Hawkweed in Orkney; Stephen Bungard on 'Extracting Records from the Scottish saltmarsh survey'; the winner of the Marsh Botany Award...

I could go on (there are 96 pages to report on) but that would spoil the surprise for members; and if you're a non-member - well, you've probably got the idea by now! BSBI News is jam-packed with fascinating articles and if you click here and join us now for the princely sum of £30, you'll receive three printed issues per year of BSBI News, you'll have on-line access to New Journal of Botany, you'll be able to consult any of our 100+ expert Plant Referees whenever you get stuck identifying a plant... again, I could go on and on telling you about all the benefits of membership! Why not just head over here and see what you think?   

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