Tuesday 16 May 2017

Irish Botanical News - whether or not you're Irish!

Interesting form of Orobanche
 found in SE Galway
IBN #27, page 33
Image: C. Roden
The latest issue of Irish Botanical News was published (in print) in March and an electronic version is now available to download from the BSBI Ireland page.

Oi, British botanists - come back here right now! You're wandering off because you think Irish Botanical News isn't for you? Well, you couldn't be more wrong... 

This bumper issue kicks off with a report on the changes in the flora of a mixed farm. I think it will appeal to botanists on both sides of the Irish Sea. Ralph Sheppard (County Recorder for West Donegal) looks at losses and gains over a twenty year period and draws some interesting conclusions. 

Then Ralph Forbes (one of two County Recorders for Fermanagh) offers a fascinating account of the biochemistry behind the sting of the nettle - yes, we have a few of those in Britain! 

We're still only on page 18 of this 27th issue of Irish Botanical News (IBN to its friends) and there are more than 70 pages to go, and some fabulous colour photos too.

Rumex hydrolapathum x conglomeratus - a new
hybrid dock for Ireland - found in Co. Monaghan
IBN #27 page 34
Image: A. Fitzgerald
Next up is a fascinating paper by Tony O'Mahony about a sedge which is not only new to Ireland - it's also new to Britain! 

No, I'm not going to tell you which one it is because that would spoil the surprise. I suggest you head over to the BSBI Ireland page right now and download your free copy of Irish Botanical News #27.

Editor Paul Green (also one of two County Recorders for Co. Wexford) has done a superb job with this latest issue. He, Angus Hannah (who edits the Scottish Botanical Newsletter) and Sally Whyman (who edits the Welsh Bulletin) deserve our thanks. And you all deserve to read these excellent newsletters, wherever in Britain or Ireland you are based. Why not take a look at one now and see if you agree with me?

Postscript: I tweeted a link to the Irish Botanical Newsletter, with the comment "A great read whether you're Irish or British!" and author Robert Fripp from Ontario replied "... or maybe Canadian?" So let's just say that botanists across the world will enjoy reading this excellent newsletter! 

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