Sunday 29 October 2017

BSBI News by and for BSBI members

Greater tongue-orchid
Courtesy S. Cole & M. Waller
Since 1972, our membership newsletter BSBI News has been a source of delight to BSBI members, dropping through our letterboxes three times a year. It has always been jam-packed with news about all aspects of British and Irish botany contributed by BSBI members. The excellent Gwynn Ellis (also BSBI's Membership Secretary) has been at the helm since 1986, joined in 2007 by the equally excellent Trevor James. 

Non-members can read back copies of BSBI News in our Publications Archive here but to get your hands on recent issues - and to hear that lovely thwumping noise as the latest issue drops onto your doormat -  you'll need to join the society!

The most recent issue of BSBI News included such delights as:

  • The discovery of a population of Greater tongue-orchid Serapias lingua in Essex: a surprising find, as this plant is principally a Mediterranean species. 
  • A report on what could well be the last population of Yellow Star-of-Bethlehem Gagea lutea in Leicestershire.
  • A note about Small Goosegrass Galium murale: is it overlooked?
  • Aberrant forms of plantains and giant horsetails.
  • News of an "exceptional population" of Shepherd's Cress Teesdalia nudicaulis.
  • A note about the impact of climate change on the distribution of Bee Orchid Ophrys apifera.
  • A request for volunteers to test a new visual wild flower key (BSBI members are usually at the front of the queue to try out new identification aids!).
Small Goosegrass
Image: Julian Woodman
Changes are afoot just now with BSBI News - Gwynn and Trevor will be handing over the editorial reins to Andrew Branson of British Wildlife fame, although they will still be on hand to help out. So it seemed like a good time to pay tribute to all their splendid work over the years. 

On behalf of all BSBI members: thank you Gwynn and Trevor for our much-loved BSBI News!

A reminder to non-members that our newsletter is only one of the many benefits of BSBI membership. Click here to find out about our Membership Special Offer which we're running this autumn. 

Whether you are already an accomplished botanist or if you're just starting out with plant identification and could do with a helping hand, there has never been a better time to become a member of the leading society for British and Irish botany!

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