Thursday 26 October 2017

The Orchid Hunter is coming to the BSBI Exhibition Meeting!

Leif in the field
Image: Adrienne Kerley
Last month we told you about The Orchid Hunter, a new book that has caused quite a stir since it was published. 

Author Leif Bersweden has been doing lots of book signings and was even interviewed on BBC television. 

Next month he is due to talk at the Hay Festival winter weekend but the day before, he has an even more important engagement - Leif will be coming to the BSBI Annual Exhibition Meeting

Bee Orchid
Image: L. Bersweden
Here Leif reminds us why The Orchid Hunter has become such a publishing sensation and gives us a sneak preview at what he'll be offering us at the Exhibition Meeting.

Over to Leif:  

"An idea conceived seven years ago has finally come to fruition and made it to the shelves - The Orchid Hunter: a young botanist's search for happiness is now in bookshops! 

"Aimed at the general public, it's a narrative of my summer-long hunt for all of Britain and Ireland's wild orchids in 2013, packed with anecdotes, British plant hunting history, folklore and travel writing about our beautiful countryside and its botanical inhabitants. 

"On Saturday 25th November I'm going to be at the Natural History Museum in London as part of the BSBI Annual Exhibition Meeting. I'm really excited to meet you all and talk to you about orchids. 

"Whether you're more of an expert than me, or just getting into botany, I'd love to speak with you! 

"I'll be showing you some photos and telling you about all the wonderful BSBI botanists who helped me find various orchid species during my hunt - I couldn't have done it without them. 

"We'll be selling copies of the book at a discounted price of £10 (cash only! Signed if you're lucky...) and if you buy one you'll get a free orchid hunter tote bag. So do come say hello!"

Leif the Orchid Hunter
Image: Rosie Williams
We're all delighted that Leif will be joining us at the Natural History Museum on 25th November. 

Watch this space where, in the next few weeks, we'll be giving you a heads-up on some of the many other exhibitors you'll be able to meet at the Exhibition Meeting. 

If you haven't booked yet then click here, where you can also view the programme of speakers. 

If you haven't been to a BSBI  Exhibition Meeting before, then click here to see some of the highlights from previous years. 

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