Wednesday 27 December 2017

Winter twig ID key: the answers

Did you have a go at guessing the identity of the three mystery twigs we posted last week, taken from John Poland's forthcoming Field Key to Winter Twigs?

If not, why not have a go now before you look at the answers below!

The answers are:
1. Norway Maple Acer platanoides, one of the six xylophyte genera often seen in Britain and Ireland which have opposite leaves/ buds.

2. Katsura tree Cercidiphyllum japonicum, whose leaves have a distinctive toffee-apple/ caramel smell as they change colour and whose twigs have distinctive 'crab claw' buds.

3. Black walnut Juglans nigra with a leaf scar looking like a monkey's face and superposed buds.

The image on the right shows another winter twig that features in John's forthcoming book. This one is from the Fig tree Ficus carica.  

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