Monday 28 January 2019

BSBI News: latest issue is published

The latest issue of BSBI News, our membership newsletter, has been published and is being mailed out to BSBI members this week. Editor Andrew Branson allowed me a sneak peek at the January issue and here are just a few of the many highlights:
  • Kevin Walker, Robert Northridge & Pete Stroh report on 'Life After Atlas 2020' - what our members told us they'd like to do next!
  • Richard Bateman & Ian Denholm tell us about mapping the near-cryptic fragrant orchids of Britain and Ireland.
  • Fred Rumsey considers hairy vetchling Lathyrus hirsutus - is it native or not, and does/ should that matter?
  • There's an article about using smartphones to enter plant records online.
  • An account of the rediscovery of moss campion Silene acaulis at a site in Donegal by County Recorders Oisin and Mairead with John Conaghan, County Recorder for Co. Galway.
  • Fiona Devery introduces her home county, Offaly.
  • In Beginner's Corner, Hazel Metherell talks about using herbaria.
Fragrant orchid
Image: P. Stroh
There are also articles about photographing wild flowers, reports on newly found alien plants, country round-ups, flyers so you can book on forthcoming BSBI meetings... 

The January issue has 84 pages to delight and inform botanists at all skill levels!

If you are not a BSBI member - or if you are a member but have neglected to renew your membership - you won't have the pleasure of hearing your copy of BSBI News coming through your letterbox later this week. 

Included in this week's mailing will be the BSBI Yearbook which gives full contact details for all BSBI's 100+ expert plant referees, along with various other inserts such as Summerfield Books' latest catalogue of botany books and any special offers exclusive to BSBI members. 

So don't delay: head over to our membership page now!  

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