Wednesday 29 April 2020

BSBI News: sampler issue for April 2020

On Monday we told you about the latest issue of BSBI News, our thrice-yearly membership newsletter, and listed some of the articles that members can look forward to. 

We also mentioned that there was some exciting news in the pipeline - so now here's the first bit of exciting news...

I was talking to BSBI News Editor John Norton and it occurred to us that any non-members who only know BSBI News from the back issues available in the BSBI publications archive, where everyone can access any issue from 1972 up to 2014, may not know about some of the changes that have taken place in recent years. Since 2017, BSBI News has been in full colour throughout and looks quite different to that first issue from 1972, although the quality of the articles hasn't declined. 

So John and I have selected a few of the pages and put together a sampler issue for you. It's only five pages long but it gives you a good idea of what BSBI News looks like these days. We think it looks pretty good! 

Marsh willow-herb: photograph illustrating
an article by Bob Leaney on
identifying willow-herbs
Image: J. Norton 
You can view or download the sampler issue here or by following the link on the BSBI News page on the website. If you are already a BSBI member, why not send the pdf to a non-member who might like a glimpse inside the pages?

Huge thanks to John for all his hard work on this latest issue and for producing the sampler! 

John said "It was a lot of work to pull everything together for this 84 page issue and for the five page sampler: I hope members will find the varied mix of articles interesting and stimulating. Do contact me if you would like to submit an article - the next issue is due out in September, but submissions should reach me by 25 July please."

We actually have a second piece of exciting news for you this week, again connected with BSBI News - watch this space and all will be revealed before the weekend!

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