Saturday 15 June 2013

BSBI AGM 2013: in the field.  

Photographing the South Stack Fleawort,
BSBI AGM, Anglesey, June 2013.
One of the nicest things about the AGM field trips is rubbing shoulders with expert botanists who are happy to point out interesting plants and show you how to identify them.

The trick is to look out for a cluster of botanists peering at something, and you can bet that at least one of them knows the plant well and can show you how to be equally confident about its identity.

The South Stack Fleawort,
Tephroseris integrifolia ssp. maritima
Ian Denholm (left), Arthur Chater, Jane Houldsworth,
and a Poplar Hawk-moth.
Newborough Warren, June 2013.
picked up some helpful ID tips from some of the best botanists in Britain and Ireland - many thanks for the free tuition (!) to John PolandBob EllisArthur Chater and Con Breen (VC Recorder for Westmeath).

Our new President, Ian Denholm, was in great demand! As Orchid co-referee, he could help us interpret the field characters of the various orchids we spotted, and work out which species, sub-species or hybrid we were looking at.

It was great to catch up with botanical friends from previous field trips and also to meet new people like Jane Houldsworth, who has just become BSBI's first ever Head of Operations. 

Jane seemed right at home walking around the lovely Anglesey sites like Newborough Warren, seeing what was growing there and chatting to all the members. And we all really enjoyed meeting her and sharing our mutual love of the natural world. 

We saw some other nice wildlife - not just plants - like the Poplar Hawk-moth Ian is holding in the photo on the right. Click on any of the photos to see more detail.

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