Sunday 23 June 2013

NJB Maney's Journal of the Month II. 

Members of the Editorial Board of New Journal of Botany have been sending in some interesting contributions to the Journal of the Month page, which is due to go live on 1st July. 

Devil's Bit Scabious.
Image: Claudia Ferguson-Smyth.
Professor Richard Bateman (Kew) tells us about the various papers on Orchids that he has co-authored for NJB. Professor Joachim Kadereit (University of Mainz) and Dr Quentin Groom (Botanic Garden, Belgium) talk about their areas of interest and papers they have authored.

There will be a video of NJB's Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Richard Gornall (University of Leicester and a past President of BSBI), talking about the journal and about his work.

And all NJB articles will be free to view throughout July. So if you know any non-members who might be interested in NJB, do invite them to take a look at the Journal of the Month webpage - link to follow.

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