Monday 3 June 2013

New Journal of Botany is Journal of the Month for July!

Next month, BSBI's scientific journal, New Journal of Botany, is to be made Journal of the Month by our publisher, Maney.

Wild carrot Daucus carota.
Image by Claudia Ferguson-Smyth.
Considering Maney publishes over 100 different journals, we are very pleased to have been selected for a month of special promotions, during which there will be free on-line access to loads of New Journal of Botany papers. Usually, only BSBI members can view NJB content in this way: on-line access and three print copies of NJB each year are among the benefits of membership

There will be a special Journal of the Month webpage for NJB during July, with links to lots of nice stuff. Here is the webpage Maney set up for our sister journal, Journal of Bryology. This is the journal of the British Bryological Society, the leading society for mosses in the same way that BSBI is the leading society for vascular plants and, like us, they have a lot of helpful, free resources on their website to help you improve your ID skills.  

The cover of New Journal of Botany features four images by Claudia Ferguson-Smyth, who also took the gorgeous image at the head of this Blog. Click on the picture (above) of Wild Carrot Daucus carota to see Claudia's image at greater magnification. An ID tip for beginner botanists: that red bit in the middle of the head of tiny flowers is a big help in telling this plant apart from other members of the Carrot Family. 

I'll keep you updated about what will be on offer during the Journal of the Month promotion, and will post a link here to the special webpage when it goes live on the first of July. 

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