Tuesday 22 April 2014

Botany in the west of Ireland.

Gerry Sharkey & Maria Long at the IMC
Image: S. Reynolds
Galway seems to be THE cool place to be for botany right now! Not only is there the excellent Botany & Plant Science BSc course at University of Galway, but did you know there is going to be a new Galway Botanic Garden? Click on this link to see their excellent website, follow their Blog and read all about plans for the new botanic garden.

As soon as I have confirmation that the Blog is written by BSBI members (it's so good, surely they are BSBI members??!!) then I can add it to the list of Blogs by BSBI members, on the right of this page. The latest post from Galway Botanic Garden is all about mosses, and very helpful it is too; there's also one about an Irish native seed bank. You can also follow Galway Botanic Garden on Facebook and show your support by "liking" the page.

Irish botanists enjoy BSBI in Ireland 50th Birthday Party
Image: N. Sharkey
I see the presentations from the recent Irish Members' Conference have also been uploaded to the BSBI Ireland page, so everybody can enjoy them, and you can also read more about the new Irish Species Project. 

And of course, just down the road from Galway, there is the local botany group in Clare. It's all happening for Irish botany!

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