Saturday 5 April 2014

Brian's Botanical Finds II

Corn Parsley at MOD Kineton
Image: B. Laney
As the recording season gets going, a reminder that there are still new plant populations out there just waiting to be discovered: here is another of Brian Laney's botanical finds.

In August 2011, Brian found Corn Parsley Petroselinum segetum on top of an embankment at MOD Kineton in Warwickshire. He says "the last record  for this species for Warwickshire was 1950. It was thought extinct." But thanks to Brian, we know better now. 

Corn Parsley seed-head
Image: B. Laney
The distribution map for Corn Parsley is here and this is the description in the 2002 Atlas:

"This slender biennial of well-drained calcareous soils on clay or chalk is found on arable fields margins, on grassy banks, roadsides, railway banks, river banks, by sea walls, in drained estuarine marshes, on rough waste ground and occasionally as a garden weed. Lowland."

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