Sunday, 27 April 2014

Brian's Botanical Finds IV

The distinctive rosette of Lizard Orchid
Image: B. Laney
Another recent botanical find from Brian Laney is this Lizard Orchid. Brian says "The picture I have here is of a rosette that should flower at Sydlings Copse in Oxon in 2014. I was told another rosette has been found on the reserve that I missed!!!"

He adds " I have heard it has been refound in Bedfordshire. I have also heard that more sites for the species have been found in Kent including Queensdown Warren, where it had not been seen for thirty years. More sites have also come to light in Sussex." 

Distribution map for Lizard Orchid is here. You can zoom in and see which "squares" it has been recorded in, and when. BSBI members will be out this year trying to add more of those coloured squares on the map. Want to join us?