Monday 13 April 2015

Three cheers for BSBI's Scottish volunteers

VC Recorders at the 2015 Scottish Recorders' Conference
Image: J. McIntosh
Scottish Officer Jim McIntosh has been in touch to tell us about the recent Scottish Recorders' Conference. But don't worry if you weren't able to attend - Jim has uploaded 16 presentations to this webpage, so you haven't missed out altogether! Many of the subjects covered apply to recording across Britain and Ireland, so do check out presentations on Atlas 2020, MapMate, the BSBI database and Memory Map. And you don't need to be an expert to benefit from the info on offer - some presentations are aimed at beginners.

There are also some amazing images to enjoy - just take a look at Andy Amphlett's Powerpoint about recording in the Cairngorms National Park, which was also covered here in News & Views last February. But Andy was obviously saving his very best plant pix for his presentation!

Chris Metherell was also at the Scottish recorders' Conference, talking about Rare Plant Registers and Atlas 2020 - his Powerpoint is here - and he tweeted this photograph live from the event and captioned:
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Jim (in blue checked shirt) represented Scotland at
 'Pearman Day' at Kew, Sept 2014
Image: L. Marsh
You can also read Jim's annual report on the BSBI Scotland page and marvel at all he has managed to achieve in the past year, and check out the summary of annual reports from VC Recorders in Scotland (including Michael BraithwaiteDavid WelchPaul Smith and Lynne Farrell). Jim describes this summary as "a fascinating account of botanical endeavour by BSBI Recorders and members across Scotland, which leaves me feeling truly humbled". His report tells us that, as part of BSBI's funding application to Scottish Natural Heritage for Jim's post supporting VC Recorders, he was asked to provide a "notional value of the work undertaken annually by BSBI volunteers in Scotland". This work was valued at £230,000, so if you are one of our amazing volunteers, please set your customary modesty aside for a moment and give yourself an enormous pat on the back! And if you are a BSBI volunteer from England, Ireland or Wales, why not share what you have been up to - or your plans for 2015 - on these pages? Don't think of it as showing off, rather as encouraging your fellow botanists and letting everyone know what can be achieved by getting out in the field with a handlens, an ID key and an enthusiasm for recording our wonderful wildflowers!

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