Tuesday 26 May 2015

Learning about plant ID with BSBI and partners

BSBI botanists are active in helping people learn more about how to identify wildflowers, and we do this both under the BSBI banner and in conjunction with partners.

Botanist and BSBI member Falgunee Sarker got in touch a few weeks ago to tell me about a training day she was involved in and to ask if I could send her some BSBI leaflets to distribute to those attending the session. I was happy to do this (if you are organising a training session and would like some leaflets, just email me and I'll post you some material). 

Falgunee has now sent the images on this page and says "The Woodland Plants and Flowers Training Day was organised by Heart of Teesdale Landscape Partnership on 9th May 2015. The study day was led by Falgunee Sarker, Elizabeth Elliott and Carole Sobkowiak, members of Darlington and Teesdale Naturalists' Field Club. 

"Twelve people participated in this free event. The course provided basic identification knowledge of flowers, grasses, sedges, rushes and ferns. All the attendants were encouraged to join the BSBI".

Environmental consultant and BSBI member Nick Law is also involved in helping people learn more about identifying wildflowers. He is organising training sessions as part of BSBI's involvement with the National Plant Monitoring Scheme (NPMS), which includes delivery of the training element. 

Nick says "I have put together a series of 6 one-day plant identification workshops - the aim is to try and help NPMS volunteers with some of the more difficult groups, so that they can progress from recording at Wildflower Level up to Indicator Level". 

Here are the dates and locations of the six workshops and the groups of plants on which they focus:  

Monday 8th June              Reading University, Berkshire                    Grasses
Saturday 13th June           Fearby, North Yorkshire                             Sedges
Wednesday 17th June      Lockington, Derby                                      Grasses
Tuesday 23rd June           Willand, Devon                                           Sedges
Wednesday 15th July       Hockwold-cum-Wilton, Norfolk                   Aquatic Plants
Saturday 18th July            Weobley, Herefordshire                             Ferns

You can see more detail on the Training and Events page of the NPMS website and can contact Nick directly for more information. Nick also tells me "In addition to these workshops, over the coming months I will be putting together some 'crib sheets' as additional information to supplement the Species Identification Guide [this is sent out free of charge to people who register for the scheme]. Once the first recording season gets under way we will be reviewing and responding to other training needs as and when they arise". 

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