Saturday 20 June 2015

The new Hybrids Flora is about to hit the bookshelves.

Pearman, Preston & Dines at Kew.
Co-authors, New Atlas of the British & Irish Flora
Image: L. Marsh
If you haven't already ordered a copy of the Hybrid Flora, you'd better get your skates on if you want to benefit from the £26 discount price! 

The full price is £45 and once the pre-publication offer ends on 30th June, you will have to pay an extra £19. 

Here are the booking details if you want to order a copy.

The Hybrid Flora of the British Isles is the result of decades of research and years of writing by three eminent BSBI co-authors: 
Clive Stace, author of the New Flora of the British Isles; and
David Pearman & Chris Preston, co-authors of the New Atlas of the British & Irish Flora

Clive Stace, for anyone new to botany, is widely recognised as Britain's finest botanist with a long academic career based at the University of Leicester where he was Professor of Plant Taxonomy. 

Here he is at the BSBI Annual Exhibition Meeting, held at the University of Leicester last year, giving the keynote talk about hybrids and the new Flora. 

Clive Stace in the Herbarium, University of Leicester
Image: L. Marsh
Clive and David have both served as President of BSBI; Chris has long been a valued member of BSBI Publications Committee, sits on the Editorial Board of New Journal of Botany and is the author of many acclaimed books and papers

You can order your pre-publication copy here but don't forget, the discount price offer runs out at the end of this month so, after that, you will be paying £19 more for your copy of the Hybrid Flora

NB Postage & packing costs £7 but this is a book that needs to be carefully packed up so that each copy arrives in perfect condition! 

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