Tuesday 4 August 2015

Final results in from Mayo

Rough Crew in a Mayo gulley
Botanists who took part in BSBI's Mayo Recording Week are enjoying a well-earned rest today, following their amazing results - this just in from Irish Officer Maria Long:

"Final tally from the hugely successful Mayo BSBI recording week is in, and I can't believe what we achieved! 
  • 42 botanists took part (some for the entire 8 days!)
  • 33 hectads (10x10 km sq) all across Mayo were visited
  • 132 monads (1x1 km sq) were visited
  • And, ... ... wait for it, ... ...
  • 10,824 plant records were collected!!

Celebration dinner (takeaway!): 10,000+ records! 
Each and every participant should pat themselves on the back, and particularly the leaders!"

Hear hear! Congratulations to all the botanists who contributed to these excellent results which will feed into BSBI's distribution database and show up in Atlas 2020

Every dot on a BSBI distribution map is thanks to our amazing BSBI members who go out botanising across Britain and Ireland, recording where our beautiful - and often threatened - wild flowers are growing and feeding their records back via our County Recorders (186 of them!), with support from our team of 105 specialist plant referees. What a fabulous network! 

If you're new to botany but would like to get more involved in our work, head over here to find out more and then consider this next move!

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