Sunday 2 August 2015

Rough Crew find rarities in Mayo

BSBI's Mayo Recording Week is going from strength to strength, with botanists - including the Rough Crewfinding some amazing plants. 

Here's the latest update courtesy of Rory Hodd, ace Irish botanist/bryologist/ecologist attending the Recording Week. Thanks also to Rory for posting these great pix on the BSBI Ireland Facebook page.

Here are the results as of Saturday evening:

  • 89 monads (1km x 1km squares) have been visited:
  • around 8,500 plant records collected so far;
  • 39 botanists have been out recording;
  • 1 talk about BSBI's work was given to members of the public.
Apparently the Rough Crew visited the remote corrie of Corranabinnia, deep in the heart of the Ballycroy National Park in North Mayo. 

Rory said "The day turned out to be a true adventure, involving driving down rutted tracks, jumping or wading rivers, crossing treacherous wet bogs and clambering up and down wet crags. 

"It was all worth it, as we encountered some lovely and rarely seen montane species". 

Saussurea alpina (above left) was one of these - click here to see where it is recorded - and the Rough Crew also found Saxifraga oppositifolia with its diagnostic lime-exuding pore at the leaf tip.

Other teams of recorders have been out covering some less challenging locations in Mayo - we always make sure there is something for everyone on our recording meetings!

One team also saw Spiranthes romanzoffiana (above right). The lucky dogs! Thanks to John Conaghan for the image of this lovely orchid.

Will the Mayo recorders manage to reach 10,000 records by close of play on Monday? Watch this space! 

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