Wednesday 21 February 2018

Promoting BSBI across Britain and Ireland

Three cheers for all the BSBI botanists, whether staff, officers or 'ordinary members', who go out promoting the society's work across Britain and Ireland

Earlier this month, Liz Lavery (one of the Perthshire County Recorders) had a stand at the Inner Forth Landscape Initiative's 'From Source to Resource: Making biological records count' event. She was promoting the amazing work of BSBI volunteers recording for Atlas 2020, and also displayed posters about Wild Flower Hour and the recent BSBI publication 'Threatened Plants in Britain and Ireland' alongside copies of the BSBI bookmark and membership leaflet, the BSBI Code of Conduct, the So You Want to Know your Plants leaflet, the Atlas 2020 appeal leaflet, the BSBI Annual Review, copies of BSBI News...

This Saturday, BSBI Irish Officer Maria Long will be attending BallyNature Day in Ballynure Village, Co. Antrim, with a similar display. The event is one of Northern Ireland's biggest nature events with more than 40 stands from wildlife/ conservation/ environmental organisations. Check out the flyer here and on the left. 

And on Sunday, Maria, several BSBI County Recorders and members of the Ulster BSBI Botany Group will be heading to Antrim Loughshore Park for a session called 'Everything you wanted to know about BSBI botanical recording but were afraid to ask!' Email Maria if you'd like to know more.

If you know of any similar outreach events happening your area, and you'd like to attend and promote BSBI, we have a range of posters and leaflets we can send you for your stand, some to give away and some just for display. Just drop us a line at to discuss your requirements. Let's spread the word about how much fun it is being part of the BSBI botanical community!

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