Friday 28 December 2018

Byron's Gin supporting BSBI's training programme: the first year

One year ago, BSBI and Speyside Distillery forged a new partnership: they launched their first artisan gin, Byron's Gin, and a contract was signed whereby for every bottle sold, a contribution would be made to BSBI's training programme. 

Over the past year, as BSBI's part of the contract, we've brought you monthly blogposts about various aspects of Byron's Gin, starting with the launch back in January

We've looked at some of the botanicals used, such as juniper, bird cherry, lady's bedstraw, Scot's pine and aspen, telling you about the folklore associated with the plants, about where they grow and how to identify them. 

We've reported on the success of Byron's Gin: the international trade awards it won back in May and again in July.

Juniper - a key ingredient in Byron's Gin
Image: P. Smith
We told you about the distillery where the gin is made and about the two men - Andy and Sandy - behind its success.

And we've reported several times on the successes of BSBI's Training Programme and how Byron's Gin has contributed to those successes

On 1st January, BSBI will open applications for its training grants here and in 2019 we will be able to support more botanists than ever, thanks to Byron's Gin.

So as we approach New Year can we ask you all to raise a glass of Byron's Gin and drink to a partnership which supports botanists across Britain and Ireland. 


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